Allsee POS Professional Monitor

    Allsee POS Advertising Display


    Allsee POS Advertising Display

    Commercial Point of Sale Monitors

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    Allsee POS Advertising Display

    Allsee POS PROFESSIONAL MONITOR Available in 10" or 15" Sizes

    None Touch

    Commercial Point of Sale Allsee POS Professional Monitors


    Commercial Allsee POS Professional Monitor

    Built with commercial-grade panels and components these displays are designed to run 24/7 in constant use; unlike domestic tablets that use internal batteries. The panel also has a lifespan of over 70,000 hours of continuous use. They can also be installed in landscape or portrait orientation.


    Attach Devices

    Allsee POS Professional Monitor has an HDMI input, unlike most tablets, so attaching external devices is quick and easy. HDMI offers the best high definition audio and video quality on the market. HDMI is universal and is able to work with a huge variety of different products such as DVD players, media players, cameras, and PCs.


    Designed For Public Spaces

    As well as having a buttonless tempered glass frontage and rounded corners these screens also have an enclosure made from a light-weight polymer so they are ideal for shelf edge and POS displays. They also have a screwless design to achieve a seamless aesthetic and avoid tampering.

    RS-232 Control

    Once your screen is connected via RS-232 you can control, scale, and customize your display remotely over short and long distances.


    VESA Mounting Holes

    Unlike domestic tablets, these displays have an integrated and secure screw-based mounting solution on the rear. This makes mounting and installing easy for any application, whether you are mounting your screen to a wall or stand.


    Accurate Thermal Imaging

    Using a Melexis dual-chip system, the thermal imaging module measures the ambient temperature as well as the user's body temperature to maximize accuracy. The module also features a cooling fan to further improve the precision of the reading. The full sensor temperature range is -40C to 85C with an accuracy of 3C.

    Strip-Light Indicator

    When taking a temperature or mask checking reading, this acts as on-camera illumination for more accurate results. It also synchronizes with the software to indicate acceptance (green) or rejection (red) based on user-defined conditions.


    Fever Alarm

    When a user's temperature reading exceeds a stipulated temperature, a visual and audio alarm activates to alert the user that they have a fever. This feature can also be disabled if not required.

    24/7 Commercial Grade

    This is a truly commercial grade solution as it can be in constant use around the clock. This is ideal for 24/7 commercial locations like supermarkets and gyms, as well as corporate and warehouse settings when used as clocking in/out system.

    Mask Detection System

    As well as reading body temperature, the system can also check if the user is wearing a mask if this is an entry requirement to your building. This feature can also be disabled if not required.

    Mounting Options

    As standard, this solution comes with an adjustable desk mounted pole. Optional mounting options include a flush fit or adjustable wall mount, a desk stand, or a floor stand. All stand options have a modern integrated blue LED light strip.

    Robust Metal Enclosure

    To add to its commercial credentials, the enclosure is manufactured using aluminum rather than plastic as this is less likely to be damaged in locations such as warehouses and factory floors.


    Optional Automatic Hand Sanitiser

    If you are utilizing the floor stand, you can also add on an optional hand sanitizer dispenser to provide an extra level of safety.

    IC Card NFC Integration

    The display has an NFC module integrated which supports IC cards for door entry. This feature can also be controlled and managed by the software that is included.

    Allsee Pos professional monitor Designed for Public Spaces


    Resolution800 x 1280
    Aspect Ratio16:10
    Viewing Angle178ø
    Contrast Ratio800:1
    Brightness (cd/mý)350
    Physical Specification10 Inch - POS10M
    Display Area107.62 x 172.18
    Unit Size (WxHxD mm)239.9 x 169.2 x 26.8
    Net Weight (kg)1.5
    Operating Temperature0 øC to 50 øC
    Operating Humidity10% to 80%
    Power Consumption (W)18
    Input VoltageAC110~240V (50Hz~60Hz)
    Speaker Type1.5W, 8?
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