Yealink A20 Meetinbar

    Yealink A20 MeetingBar


    Yealink A20 MeetingBar 

    Simple and smart video conferencing for small to medium rooms


    Yealink A20 Meetingbar

    The Yealink A20 MeetingBar is a full HD webcam for a brilliant personal desktop video experience, which can be applied to remote working, open meeting scenarios, distance education, training, live streaming, and telemedicine.

    Powered by 20 mega-pixel full HD glass lens, omni-direction mic, auto exposure, auto focus, and rotatable lens, Yealink A20 ensures perfect clear video in any environment. Compatible with virtually all video conferencing software applications, you can quickly set up and run any meeting.


    Yealink enhanced AI noise cancellation makes the audio experience more brilliant.
    Leveraging a massive deep-learning sound database to reduce background noises, it is more about intelligent audio analysis than standard filtering of audio frequencies.
    The distracting keyboard clatter, mouse clicks, footsteps, and other ambient noises are smartly pared back, ensuring that users enjoy crystal-clear audio quality.
    Whiteboard collaboration Dual screen support, TV mounting option

    Yealink A20
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