Maxhub XT10-VB Kit
    Maxhub XT10-VB Kit
    Maxhub XT10-VB Kit
    Maxhub XT10-VB Kit
    Maxhub XT10-VB Kit
    Maxhub XT10-VB Kit
    Maxhub XT10-VB Kit

    Maxhub XT10-VB Kit


    MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit 

    Maxhub Microsoft Teams Solution

    Elevate your meeting room experience with the MAXHUB XT10-VB Microsoft Teams Room solution, an advanced extension of the XCore Kit, featuring the additional UC S07 Videobar.

    Ideal solution for transitioning to Microsoft Teams Rooms Smart Spaces in BYOD scenarios, significantly enhancing Teams-native audio and video capabilities.

    The MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit Microsoft Teams Room Solution is backed by a leading 3-year advanced replacement warranty and local support.


    MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit

    Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms

    Building upon the XCore Kit's robust foundation, the MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit introduces the UC S07 Videobar, streamlining Microsoft Teams Rooms deployments.

    Outstanding Performance - Microsoft Teams Room Solution

    The competitively priced MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit features a Windows compute, console, and a high-performance videobar. Powered by an Intel 12th Gen 10-Core processor, it offers superior performance. The kit includes a high-resolution 10.1-inch Teams Rooms console with a motion sensor, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience.

    Effortless Installation

    The kit simplifies installation with a single cable connecting the Windows Compute to the Touch Console, enhanced by the UC S07 Videobar. It's designed to ease the transition to Microsoft Teams Rooms Smart Spaces in BYOD settings, improving Teams-native audio and video capabilities while balancing costs.

    The UC S07 is an all-in-one Videobar has an 8-meter voice pickup range, suitable for small to medium-sized rooms

    Trusted and Certified

    Undergoing rigorous Microsoft compatibility and certification tests, the MAXHUB XT10-VB kit is a reliable choice. It comes with a 3-year advanced replacement warranty and local support, offering a smooth and consistent Microsoft Teams Rooms experience.

    Global UC Endpoint Hardware Leader

    MAXHUB, a leading global provider of UC endpoint hardware, specializes in hybrid collaboration meeting solutions, including top-tier display and UC equipment. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing meeting systems, unlocking limitless collaboration possibilities.

    Transforming BYOD into Smart Meeting Spaces

    Choose MAXHUB for Microsoft Teams Rooms Solutions

    Upgrade your meeting space with the advanced Microsoft Teams Rooms - MAXHUB XCore XT-10-VB kit, This solution transitions organizations to Microsoft Teams Rooms smart spaces in BYOD environments, enhancing Teams-native audio and video experiences and addressing cost considerations.

    Comprehensive Device Solution for Diverse Collaboration Needs

    MAXHUB XT10-VB facilitates multi-scene collaboration with versatile kits that combine audio, video, and a range of display sizes. This approach minimizes costs at every stage - from procurement and installation to usage and maintenance, boosting efficiency and productivity across various organizational levels.

    See more on the Maxhub website

    Maxhub XT10-VB Kit
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