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SMART Document Camera 450
SMART Document Camera 450
SMART Document Camera 450
SMART Document Camera 450

SMART Document Camera 450

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SMART Document Camera™ 450

With the SMART Document Camera 450 you can turn everyday objects into captivating digital interactive content

Mix reality, inspire imaginations. 

Easily capture images, video and audio. Create exciting multimedia materials and 3D lesson content.

Transform complex lessons and abstract concepts into a hands-on learning experience.

Powered by SMART Notebook®

Integrated with SMART Notebook®

Access and control the document camera directly from SMART Notebook software without leaving your lesson. You can write over images, comment, annotate, copy and save.

SMART Document Camera™

Turn real objects into digital content with the SMART Document Camera 450.

It’s a great way to demonstrate, explore and understand – even when concepts are abstract or complex.

Capture images and create multimedia lessons

Create more engaging lesson content by easily capturing images, video and audio with the SMART Document Camera.

For example, you can take a video of a science experiment with the document camera and save it to use for your next class and students can record demonstrations during presentations to study later.

Mixed Reality Tools included

Manipulate and explore 3D content from you SMART Notebook file by placing the Mixed Reality cube (included) under the SMART Document Camera lens.

This provides students with a hands-on experience that engages students of all learning styles and helps them understand complex, abstract and conceptual content.

Seamless integration

The SMART Document Camera is a perfect fit with other SMART products because you can control it right from your SMART Notebook lesson – with just one touch.

It’s easy to show images on your SMART Board, LightRaise™ interactive projector or SMART Table® interactive table.

Inspire students as they learn

When you can take an object – a leaf, for example – and display it for all to see, it’s easier for students to understand higher-level concepts like photosynthesis.

You have a visual, kinesthetic way to teach and learn.

Key features

Integrated with SMART Notebook

Access and control the document camera directly from SMART Notebook software without leaving your lesson.

You can write over images and save them in the Gallery.

Easily capture sharp, detailed images

The 5 megapixel (MP) camera and 80x zoom provides students with sharp, detailed images and videos of any object.

Plus, you can direct learning by zooming in on object details.

360-degree view of any object

The flexible gooseneck design makes it easy to view objects from different angles.

The lens can be aligned to a microscope using an optical adapter (included).

Easy image control

Automatically focus any image and easily adjust brightness levels to suit varying light conditions with the on-screen menu.

The LED lamp allows you to use it in a darkened room.

Web cam

The document camera can be used with video conferencing software, such as Bridgit conferencing software, to share objects and demonstrations with remote students.

Mixed Reality included

Mixed Reality Tools allows you to manipulate and explore 2D, 3D, text, animation and audio-enriched content on the SMART Board.

Simply place the Mixed Reality cube under the document camera’s lens when there is a 3D object on your SMART Notebook page.

Save content

Save images to internal embedded memory, SD Card or USB flash drive. Note: these devices

are not included.

Intuitive control panel

Control all functions – including magnification, brightness and focus settings – from one simple interface on the SMART Document Camera.

Share and download lesson content

Visit the SMART Exchange™ website and access over 50,000 free lesson resources.

Multiple connection options

Connect to a SMART Board through a computer using the USB cable.

You can connect it to other products, like a monitor, projection screen or flat-panel display through the DVI-D, VGA and composite connections.

A second USB port enables the use of USB flash memory.




Part of the SMART classroom

Seamlessly integrates with other SMART solutions, including the SMART Board, LightRaise projector and SMART Table, to display images.

Enhanced mobility

The document camera is compact and folds up, so it’s easy to store and move around the room or between classrooms.


Dimensions − set up  8" W × 21 3/4" H × 15" D ( 20.3 × 55 × 38 cm )

Dimensions − folded

10" W × 2 3/4" H × 12" D

(25.4 × 7 × 30.5 cm)


5 lb. 4 oz. (2.45 kg)

System requirements

For full system requirements, please visit smarttech.com/doccam.

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SMART Document Camera 450
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